Saturday, October 29, 2011

History 1st Baul fusion Music on MTV India, Best Award Fusion Music..

The song is about the searching for the Soul. The pictures in the video are from Old Kolkata the Calcutta that Babukishan loved so dearly. He would take endless pictures of the city to preserve the City.
This song is history for the Bauls of Bengal.. It is the first Baul song made with commercial Hindi song, it was televised Nationally on MTV India.  Babukishan received the "Best Fusion Award Nationally in India." This is the very first Baul music video ever made for MTV back in the 1980's and telecast on MTV and on the weekly TV series all over India.

The music was used for a serial called Gouldasta (bundle of flowers) a Babukishan production and creation. It was a highly successful TV series on women's stories of India. The Host for this series was a new comer called Irrfan Khan who was a new comer from Delhi, Babu used him as the host because he thought his face had so much potential, it is the same Irrfan Khan who is now famous for playing the police inspector in Slum Dog Millionaire, and the father in Namesake. This was Irrfan Khan's TV Debut on Babukishan program.

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