Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bollywood Romatic Song.. Babukishan Music Director

Babukishan is a Master of Indian Cinema music, Indian Classical, Indian Folk, and Bollywood Music.. BA Indian Philosophy, MA Indian Music ..over 150 musical scores, 45 albums to his credit. He has produced every kind of music including Fusion..and performed with the Best of the West and all of India's top singers and musicians. He has created co...mposed and produced thousands of songs, with live musicians form 50 to 150 for one song. He has done a small few electronica.. and has done DJ once or twice because he can but he is most famous for his Bengali Romantic songs.. and his lryics.. Baul Music is in his blood as he is a Baul and because of his Baul training in the oral tradition of sanskrit has a photographic memory. He has written 3 books on Baul... he has composed all of his famous fathers Baul music...he is not a regular Baul, and besides Bauls are basically extinct what you see today is not really what Baul was.. Bauls should be genius... Babu is a well know poet in Bengal and has been composing music since he was 9 years of age....

Party Time ...Babukishan Music

Friday, November 4, 2011

Babukishan singing, composed, a song from his tradtional Baul lineage from Bengal India

Hare Krishna the Bauls of Bengal are the original Hare Krishna singers of dancers of Bengal India, this is the Mahamantra that Babu's lineage has been singing for thousands of years.

Babukishan singing his famous Grandfathers song, Baul Guru Sri Nabani Das Khyappa Baul

Babukishan Baul Trance Music.Babukishan singing his traditonal Baul. Babukishan Master of Indian Classical, Folk, Baul, Fusion and Bollywood Music

Monar Manush, Babukishan Baul Music..Babukishan singing his tradtional Baul lineage.

Babukishan Music... a flavour of everything..

Bollywood Sad song.. Produced, composed, Music Director Babukishan

Babukishan Music Produced, Composed Qawwali